Services and Rates

Our package forwarding service will allow you to buy from your favorite shops online even if they don't ship to your country. Simply use your Relay Shop USA address as your shipping address. We will receive your packages and will forward them to your location.

 Our assisted shopping service « Personal Shopper » will help you if your credit card is not accepted online, or if you wish to pay via Western union or Moneygram.



You only pay for our service fees + shipping cost* to ship your packages 

   Unique package                 →   $5   + shipping cost
   Consolidation 2 packages   →   $10 + shipping cost

 + $2 per additional packages to consolidate starting at the third package:

   Consolidation 3 packages   →   $12 + shipping cost
   Consolidation 4 packages   →   $14 + shipping cost
   Consolidation 5 packages   →   $16 + shipping cost


*Shipping costs will depend on your country of destination + the package weight and dimensions.

With those informations, you can calculate them on our ESTIMATION page


Options :

* Pictures of the content of your package : INCLUDED

* Full Inspection of your items: $5 per 10 items (per package) 

* Special Handling on demand: $5 per parcel 

* Insurance is available before payment.

* Special annual membership « VIP Card » : $149 (you will only pay the shipping cost for a year)